Say No To Child Labor

Well the most important problem of our society is to be unveiled here. If we take the Bird’s eye view of our society, the most common sight which will catch our attention and spur out thoughts would be of the children who are working merely to earn their bread and butter. The great responsibility of earning can be seen on their frail shoulders, lean bodies, hollow cheeks and yearning eyes.

Those hands which crave for holding the pen, those minds who long for education and want to quench their thirst of education are forced to work. These children are used to render cheap labor in hotels, factories, bakeries and offices of different firms. They are maltreated, abused and insulted by their masters. Although they work from heart and soul but what they receive actually is soul tearing and nerve shattering treatment and what about their wages? They are hardly enough to keep their body and soul together

Seriously such children are leading a miserable life and the very sight of such fellows move one’s a lot and leaves heart wrenching impressions on one’s mind. Why it happens? Why so? Why do we people so engross in our materialistic pursuits that we do not take steps, we do not raise voice to eradicate such problems. Just because of the reason that the children whom we see working and starving are not our own’s. Although it is a bitter pill but still it is a bare fact and pathetic reality. Can we deserve the title of human beings when we fill our appetite in Five Star hotels and cherish the life in Air Conditioned rooms when at the same time those little souls even do not get a hearty meal? Often they have to starve, their life is full of moans and groans. Why do we not pay attention to such evils which are prevailing and hovering over our society, which are deeply uprooting the morals and playing a havoc to our society?

When the lives and the rights of the children are at the stake, there must be no silent witnesses. You cannot regulate child labor, you cannot regulate slavery. Some things are just wrong.

The very reasons which stand behind child labor are the expensive education in our country which is an unapproachable dream for a poor’s child. In order to meet the daily expenses of life, parents have to send away their children in order to earn money. Children add to their income leaving far behind their own aspirations, dreams and desires

Secondly, Feudalism is the root cause of child labor. The big shots of society leave no option for poor than to earn. Children are made to work from morning till late night but such strive for good life does not bring sweetness to their bitter life and peace to their harsh life. Work is good for nothing for them when their age demands education and awareness

Well what about laws? They have just become a dead letter. It seems to be an Utopian scheme and an uphill task.

Definitely it is a wild goose chase and a mare’s nest to mere discuss the laws and not to implement them. Still it is a moot point to extricate child labor from Pakistan. All the plans are still on the anvil. For this, we have to marshal the facts. It is mandatory to jewel oneself with knowledge that is why education should be available to a poor also because they have ambitions and dreams too and no body can snatch their rights from them. Their should be proper reforms in our social and economic systems and feudalism should be boycotted.

Children are the future of any nation. Definitely when they would be given an education and descent job opportunities, they will lighten up our nation to such an extent which one cannot imagine. Their hands are not made for carrying the bricks. Instead of it, they have to receive education, they have to bring reforms, they have to ooze out their hidden talents, only then our country would become an example for other countries!