The Price of a Vacation for a Lawyer

I’ve always loved travel and vacations. Although it has been a long time since I last attended school on a full-time basis, I cannot forget the wonderful feeling of getting out of town during a school break. With little to no real obligations or concerns, I felt free. How things change.

This year, I’ve been on two vacations which were each about one week long. As is customary for me, I was very busy the week or so before departing for both trips and even busier for more than a week upon my return.

However, my experiences on the two trips, as they relate to work, were very different. During one trip some emergency issues arose that required my attention and time, resulting in some tense moments. Conversely, my second trip went fairly smoothly.

After reflecting upon my workloads and work-related stress levels on the two different trips, and desiring to increase the chances of future worry-free trips, I started thinking about how to most effectively manage work when taking vacations.

In addition to considering the history of my travels, I decided to poll my friends and legal colleagues for their opinions on the price of a vacation for a lawyer.

Since my research on this topic is mostly anecdotal, I realize that my findings may not be applicable to everyone.

I understand that taking a vacation can be challenging in many professions and jobs. If you are away from your work or home, you are not taking care of your day-to-day business, tasks or chores.

Although vacations are meant to be an outlet to get away from these stresses of life, ironically, vacations often create additional elements of pressure. While most people can relate to this issue, I believe lawyers have many distinctive difficulties when it comes to vacations.

Being on vacation almost always means you are out of your office. Generally this is the goal of a vacation – to get away from work. But for lawyers, being away from the office can be a blessing and a curse.

As often as we dream about escaping, we have nightmares about how everything may fall apart unless we are there to oversee all the details. The anxiety can be caused by many reasons: The fear that we will lose the opportunity to sign up new clients, or others will claim ownership of a new client. Other stressors are that we may be unavailable when an existing client has an immediate need or requires our particular expertise.

Some lawyers complain that tasks don’t really get done when they are out of the office; they are simply pushed down the road and placed on hold (and on your desk) until you return.

Though it comes with a price, taking a vacation and knowing how to handle it is a necessity for lawyers. I will share my processes and tips for how to handle my work before, during and after a vacation.

Before the vacation

The week or two leading up to a vacation is extremely busy. I try to get as much work done as I possibly can to make up for the time I will be gone. This allows me to leave with the knowledge that my pile of work can wait for my return. For many of us, condensing a lot of work into this short period of time also mitigates the loss of billable hours while gone.

During this stage, I’m very mindful of my time and schedule. I attempt to leave blocks of time open so I can devote time to substantive projects and bring them to completion.

My schedule during my vacation must also be planned carefully. Since mine changes frequently, I’m reviewing it daily during this pre-trip stage. Most of my trips are planned months in advance. My professional calendar is generally booked fairly solid for 30 to 45 days out and afterward there is more unscheduled time.

As a result, whenever I’m thinking of or planning a trip, I try to narrow down the dates of travel as soon as possible. This allows me to block off those dates and avoid scheduling things that interfere with the vacation.

Many of my cases have another attorney working on the file in addition to me. This is helpful as there is instant backup with a person who has knowledge of the case and client.

If there is no one working on a file with me, I arrange to have an attorney on-call, and I make sure this attorney is aware of the basics as well as any potential pitfalls.

I attempt to anticipate problems that may arise, and I meet with my support staff to review protocols for handling them. I also go over the process of handling potential new client inquiries.

We talk about where I will be, what I’ll be doing on the trip, differences in time zones, the availability of internet service, when I’ll be checking e-mails, when they should be checking my e-mails and if and when it is appropriate to contact me.

During the vacation

Although vacations are meant to unplug and unwind, this can be challenging. Depending on the nature and purpose of my getaway, I decide in advance the amount of time, or lack thereof, that I aspire to devote to work.

This includes whether I’ll call into the office, read e-mails, respond to e-mails, call clients or potential clients and bring my laptop for substantive work such as preparing or reviewing agreements and pleadings.

As a general rule -and other lawyers I have spoken to agree – checking e-mail on a trip can be beneficial. Even when on vacation, it is hard to fully get away, as I often think about what is going on at work.

However, once I check my e-mail and see everything is fine, I am able to more completely relax for a period of time. My system for checking e-mails and working depends on the nature and length of a trip.

When feasible, I check e-mail twice a day at specified times, usually once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening. I leave responding to e-mails and calls – as well as the balance of running my practice – to my team. If I am on a longer trip, I typically will set aside some time to make phone calls and even do other work; it is part of the cost of taking an extended trip.

After the vacation

Similar to before a vacation, the week or two upon returning from a trip are especially busy catching up. I try to return on a Saturday rather than a Sunday.

This allows me to go into the office on Sunday to go through mail and e-mails and be ready to gear into the week.

Since my office schedules calls and meetings for when I’m back in the office, the week is always full. In order to get it all in, I end up working later than usual.

I have been on many vacations where I can completely escape work and others where I must stay more connected. It all depends on my planning, staff and luck.

Though lawyers and others pay the price of heightened stress before and after a vacation, taking the time for a trip is well worth it.

It is important to recharge and stay connected with your personal life. I am always striving to be able to take more and longer vacations so that I can spend time with the important people in my life.


How To Get An Oracle DBA Job As A Fresher

Every fresher dreams of getting a good Oracle DBA job in a reputed company after completing an Oracle certification course of database administrator. Most companies recruit freshers to offer services to their client across the globe. You may not get real DBA work immediately as a fresher, but gradually you can get hold of core DBA related work. Once you acquire the required aptitude, knowledge and confidence, you can take up big tasks.

The world of information technology is expanding every day. To be ahead in the race, it is very important to learn new things, skills, ideas and technology constantly without fail. Here are a few ways that can help you get a good job easily:

Expand Your Technical Skills – While searching and applying for fresher Oracle DBA jobs, it is very important to do your own research and learn one new thing every day. A candidate should be prepared for expanding his technical skills. For example, if you have learnt Oracle 11g version, then you should also get knowledge of other versions including, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Oracle 12c. This becomes important as when you get into a job, there is no surety that you will only get to work on the version you have learnt. Every company may be having one or more versions of Oracle and you should be well prepared to work on as many versions as you can.

Prepare well for the Interview – There are several ways to prepare for an interview. You can find some good books on Oracle DBA interview questions at a bookstore near you. These books not only contain interview questions, but can also help you in learning more things about Oracle. Most interviewers ask scenario based questions, therefore you should practice for such questions. There are many blogs, forums and websites where you can find many scenarios based questions and their solutions. You can also search for YouTube videos which can help you gather a lot of information. Practicing for Oracle DBA interview questions before attending the job interview can be very helpful.

Resume – It is important that you submit a concise, well-written resume without any spelling or grammatical errors. You should properly highlight all your qualifications and training related to Oracle in the resume.

Companies constantly require freshers who can work on various features of different Oracle versions. Extensive knowledge of the Oracle database administration skills can help a fresher in getting a good job easily.

Building a Meaningful Career As a Therapist

A speech and language therapist, also known as a speech-language pathologist, is a clinician who specialises in diagnosing speech and language disorders in children and adults and provides treatments accordingly. Articulation disorders, stuttering, difficulties in pronouncing various sounds, understanding others, sharing ideas are few examples of speech and language disorder.

Here are the reasons to choose Speech Therapy as a career:

Job Opportunities:

Whatever field you choose as a career, the very first thing you shall consider is the job opportunities it can offer in the future. If you choose speech therapy as a career, your decision is absolutely correct as it opens many career windows for you. There are a variety of options from which you can choose like public and private school systems, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, corporations etc.

Learning opportunities:

Speech therapy is a career where you learn something new every day. No two people having communication or language disorder are alike. Being a speech therapist you have to handle every patient in a different manner. For that purpose, you have to study your patient thoroughly and do research to find the best treatment for him. During such activities, one gets to learn a lot of new things about speech and language disorder, which helps you in raising your level as a speech therapist.


Children are sensitive by nature, so a speech therapist ought to take special care of them. Treating children with communication and language disorders requires lots of creativity. It is general that if one child is responding to one way of therapy, then the other child may not find it interesting. So a speech therapist dealing with children has to be creative enough to find new ways of speech therapy.

Self Independent:

The best part of choosing speech therapy as a career is work flexibility. A language analyst can join somewhere as a full-time employee or can work independently. You can choose your patient among children and adults as it requires different skills to be an analyst for the children and the adult ones. Providing speech therapy to children may require lots of time and patience as compared to adults. So, it is good that you can choose among your patient on your own.


Treating speech and language disorders is definitely a challenging task. Every day there is a new patient with some sort of speech or language disorder on which you might not have worked earlier. That means the therapist has to study thoroughly about the particular disorder and find ways to give an appropriate treatment. Sometimes you may find cases where every existing therapy has been a waste of time, means innovation is required. Such cases open a gate to research and development in speech and language therapy. You never know you may find a new way of treatment which did not exist and now belongs to you.

There are many ways to look at speech therapy as a good career option. There are very few people who get an opportunity to give back to the society. Choosing this as a career provides that opportunity to you. Grab it and feel the difference.


Say No To Child Labor

Well the most important problem of our society is to be unveiled here. If we take the Bird’s eye view of our society, the most common sight which will catch our attention and spur out thoughts would be of the children who are working merely to earn their bread and butter. The great responsibility of earning can be seen on their frail shoulders, lean bodies, hollow cheeks and yearning eyes.

Those hands which crave for holding the pen, those minds who long for education and want to quench their thirst of education are forced to work. These children are used to render cheap labor in hotels, factories, bakeries and offices of different firms. They are maltreated, abused and insulted by their masters. Although they work from heart and soul but what they receive actually is soul tearing and nerve shattering treatment and what about their wages? They are hardly enough to keep their body and soul together

Seriously such children are leading a miserable life and the very sight of such fellows move one’s a lot and leaves heart wrenching impressions on one’s mind. Why it happens? Why so? Why do we people so engross in our materialistic pursuits that we do not take steps, we do not raise voice to eradicate such problems. Just because of the reason that the children whom we see working and starving are not our own’s. Although it is a bitter pill but still it is a bare fact and pathetic reality. Can we deserve the title of human beings when we fill our appetite in Five Star hotels and cherish the life in Air Conditioned rooms when at the same time those little souls even do not get a hearty meal? Often they have to starve, their life is full of moans and groans. Why do we not pay attention to such evils which are prevailing and hovering over our society, which are deeply uprooting the morals and playing a havoc to our society?

When the lives and the rights of the children are at the stake, there must be no silent witnesses. You cannot regulate child labor, you cannot regulate slavery. Some things are just wrong.

The very reasons which stand behind child labor are the expensive education in our country which is an unapproachable dream for a poor’s child. In order to meet the daily expenses of life, parents have to send away their children in order to earn money. Children add to their income leaving far behind their own aspirations, dreams and desires

Secondly, Feudalism is the root cause of child labor. The big shots of society leave no option for poor than to earn. Children are made to work from morning till late night but such strive for good life does not bring sweetness to their bitter life and peace to their harsh life. Work is good for nothing for them when their age demands education and awareness

Well what about laws? They have just become a dead letter. It seems to be an Utopian scheme and an uphill task.

Definitely it is a wild goose chase and a mare’s nest to mere discuss the laws and not to implement them. Still it is a moot point to extricate child labor from Pakistan. All the plans are still on the anvil. For this, we have to marshal the facts. It is mandatory to jewel oneself with knowledge that is why education should be available to a poor also because they have ambitions and dreams too and no body can snatch their rights from them. Their should be proper reforms in our social and economic systems and feudalism should be boycotted.

Children are the future of any nation. Definitely when they would be given an education and descent job opportunities, they will lighten up our nation to such an extent which one cannot imagine. Their hands are not made for carrying the bricks. Instead of it, they have to receive education, they have to bring reforms, they have to ooze out their hidden talents, only then our country would become an example for other countries!