Great Tips for Practicing Interviews

download (8)Start right now! Remember you’re not alone your family and friends want you to have that job. Even I want you to land the job of your dreams. It’s really weird when I first got out of the Navy I was so completely nervous every time I applied for a position let alone tried to even think about Interviews. My heart rate would go up. My hands would sweat. My mouth would dry out and taste like an old sock. So what helped – practicing interviews with a partner. I used my sister but you can use a friend or a family member. Also informational interviews can be a big help.

Find an Accountability Partner

Well there’s my first tip – practice your interview in front of a partner. This will help you get clarity on things you need to work on. Look for someone who has experience if you know someone who works in human resources use that person if they are willing. They can give you a perspective on what the recruiter or the hiring manager is looking for when they interview

The 4 Types of Interview Questions and Answers That Will Help Land the Job!

download (7)During an interview, all companies would want to know about you and of course the way they get to know you is through questions. All of the questions are designed around 4 types of core competencies. Once you’ve mastered these types, you can easily modify your answers no matter how they ask the questions.

Basic Skills

Employers would be asking questions geared towards understanding your basic skill level for the job you’re applying to. They would evolve around the following things.

– How well you comprehend their questions and how well you respond – listening and speaking skills. Here are some tips to help you through this one as it goes on throughout the interview.

  • Use a moderate tone with plenty of energy
  • Don’t mispronounce words if you’re not sure just substitute for a word you already know how to pronounce
  • Try to avoid filler words like “yes; “uhm” “so” and “like”
  • Avoid sighing when your thinking of an answer
  • Avoid looking up when thinking

– How well you can perform basic functions of the job. This will depend on the level from entry to executive.

  • For entry level they will ask

Learn How to Answer Interview Questions

You can learn how to give a good job interview the same way you learned how to get good at playing golf, riding your bicycle, skiing, or shooting hoops. You practice a lot. Similarly, you’ll learn how to answer interview questions by writing them down and rehearsing your answers.

Professional golfer Tiger Woods didn’t learn how to putt by playing in the Master’s tournament. Tiger’s background was filled with practice. He practiced alone and a lot. Woods entered competition only when he mastered the use of his putter.

You haven’t earned the right to compete at interviews until you’ve mastered the use of your interview skills.

Rehearse a couple of questions often asked at interviews
While there are a handful of tricky, tough, and even embarrassing questions you could be asked, let’s focus on just two of them today: Why are you looking for a job? And, “Tell me about yourself?”

“Why are you looking for a job?”
This question might also be asked in another way: “Are you still working at the XYZ Company?” You need to respond with a cover story. You cover the reasons why you’re out looking for work. Here’s an example:

“After fifteen years as an adjuster for Awesome Insurance,

The Growth of Cognitive Careers

Economies, and by extension careers, reward those human characteristics most in demand. When muscular strength was most in need during times dominated by agriculture and mechanical ability became required to develop and maintain machinery during the industrial age those capacities were rewarded and revered leading to employment for those possessing such skills. The age we’ve now entered, particularly since the invention of the microprocessor, is one around which cognitive competency or intelligence is highly honored. High paying and stimulating jobs are increasingly going to the smartest among us and there is no end in sight of this trend.

Historically there has always been a need for intelligent people, but the correlation between cognitive ability and compensation was never as strong as it is today. One could have been an astute lawyer, financial planner, or mathematician at the turn of the 20th century, but the economy just didn’t reward those people at the levels that can be done today. We’ve created a much more complex economy requiring well-informed, inventive, and knowledgeable people who can navigate and derive value from what is for many of us a puzzling network of esoteric information in so many areas. The employment appeal for smart people is

The Challenges of Finding a New Job for the Stay at Home Parent

Finding any sort of job is a difficult task in the current climate. But for those who have taken years out of the workforce the toughest challenge may just be building their confidence to start looking. Returning back to work after a career break can seem almost untenable, yet many do just this either by choice or necessity.

To start building up your confidence, consider the training you already have, both inside and outside of work. Acknowledge the range of skills you have as a parent. Many of them are also useful in the workplace, including: time management, communication, budget management and teamwork. You can also take 2-3 weeks refreshing courses that will update your qualification and also build up your confidence. MOOC courses, that are free, are a great idea for the challenged budget. MOOC stands for “massive open online courses”, and these are training courses of all kinds, offered by universities. Search for MOOC on your favourite search engine to find the most popular consolidated websites. Once you have raised your confidence and took up the reins again, all practicalities of doing your chosen job will come back to you.

Develop a habit of reading from books and browse different

What Are the Various Career Opportunities Once You Upgrade to Revit From AutoCAD?

Today, several firms in the AEC industry have started adapting to Revit from AutoCAD. Some have either entirely adapted or just for particular projects. Even individuals wanting to pursue a career in the AEC industry are now making the switch to Revit from AutoCAD in the view of better career opportunities. So now the big question arises… are there good career opportunities after you make the switch? A study reveals that most building design firms have benefited from Revit once they had made the switch.

When to Upgrade from AutoCAD to Revit?

Hardware Consideration: A good high quality graded computer is vital to a smooth transition from AutoCAD to Revit. The switch can be made once the computer that will be used to run Revit has been assessed and compared with the minimum system requirements given by Autodesk. Revit’s performance is greatly dependent on the speed of the processor (CPU), amount of RAM and type of video card the computer has. The operating system needs to be 64 bit so it has access to more than 3GB of RAM. Revit will automatically install as a 64 bit application when as 64 bit OS is found. Also, ensure to review the Graphics Hardware

The Price of a Vacation for a Lawyer

I’ve always loved travel and vacations. Although it has been a long time since I last attended school on a full-time basis, I cannot forget the wonderful feeling of getting out of town during a school break. With little to no real obligations or concerns, I felt free. How things change.

This year, I’ve been on two vacations which were each about one week long. As is customary for me, I was very busy the week or so before departing for both trips and even busier for more than a week upon my return.

However, my experiences on the two trips, as they relate to work, were very different. During one trip some emergency issues arose that required my attention and time, resulting in some tense moments. Conversely, my second trip went fairly smoothly.

After reflecting upon my workloads and work-related stress levels on the two different trips, and desiring to increase the chances of future worry-free trips, I started thinking about how to most effectively manage work when taking vacations.

In addition to considering the history of my travels, I decided to poll my friends and legal colleagues for their opinions on the price of a vacation for a lawyer.

Since my research on

How To Get An Oracle DBA Job As A Fresher

Every fresher dreams of getting a good Oracle DBA job in a reputed company after completing an Oracle certification course of database administrator. Most companies recruit freshers to offer services to their client across the globe. You may not get real DBA work immediately as a fresher, but gradually you can get hold of core DBA related work. Once you acquire the required aptitude, knowledge and confidence, you can take up big tasks.

The world of information technology is expanding every day. To be ahead in the race, it is very important to learn new things, skills, ideas and technology constantly without fail. Here are a few ways that can help you get a good job easily:

Expand Your Technical Skills – While searching and applying for fresher Oracle DBA jobs, it is very important to do your own research and learn one new thing every day. A candidate should be prepared for expanding his technical skills. For example, if you have learnt Oracle 11g version, then you should also get knowledge of other versions including, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Oracle 12c. This becomes important as when you get into a job, there is no surety that you will only

Building a Meaningful Career As a Therapist

A speech and language therapist, also known as a speech-language pathologist, is a clinician who specialises in diagnosing speech and language disorders in children and adults and provides treatments accordingly. Articulation disorders, stuttering, difficulties in pronouncing various sounds, understanding others, sharing ideas are few examples of speech and language disorder.

Here are the reasons to choose Speech Therapy as a career:

Job Opportunities:

Whatever field you choose as a career, the very first thing you shall consider is the job opportunities it can offer in the future. If you choose speech therapy as a career, your decision is absolutely correct as it opens many career windows for you. There are a variety of options from which you can choose like public and private school systems, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, corporations etc.

Learning opportunities:

Speech therapy is a career where you learn something new every day. No two people having communication or language disorder are alike. Being a speech therapist you have to handle every patient in a different manner. For that purpose, you have to study your patient thoroughly and do research to find the best treatment for him. During such activities, one gets to learn a lot of new things about speech and language disorder,

Say No To Child Labor

Well the most important problem of our society is to be unveiled here. If we take the Bird’s eye view of our society, the most common sight which will catch our attention and spur out thoughts would be of the children who are working merely to earn their bread and butter. The great responsibility of earning can be seen on their frail shoulders, lean bodies, hollow cheeks and yearning eyes.

Those hands which crave for holding the pen, those minds who long for education and want to quench their thirst of education are forced to work. These children are used to render cheap labor in hotels, factories, bakeries and offices of different firms. They are maltreated, abused and insulted by their masters. Although they work from heart and soul but what they receive actually is soul tearing and nerve shattering treatment and what about their wages? They are hardly enough to keep their body and soul together

Seriously such children are leading a miserable life and the very sight of such fellows move one’s a lot and leaves heart wrenching impressions on one’s mind. Why it happens? Why so? Why do we people so engross in our materialistic pursuits that we do

Wide Wild Fashion Internships

Fashion internships could be the best way of doing internships, if you view it as an integral part of your career journey. Also, it could be one great and effective way to spend your summer if you have not got any plans to do. However, whatever your reasons are, try to consider taking an opportunity to see inside of fashion industry.

The problem is probably for you who do not really get along with fashion or feel like not really following the trend and so on. Don’t worry about your personal experiences with fashion, because once you open your eyes to it, you will be more easily to adapt to the circumstance.

Frequent Offers on Fashion Internships

Some of you might have thought more forward, thinking that fashion is such a wide wild sphere, where many things could be in. Yes, that is definitely true. Similar to other business, fashion has many levels, zones and whatever you call it. Fashion is not only about culture or clothes, but it could also be about social media management and marketing.

So, to get you clearer illustration, we are going to reveal some internship programs for specific positions. First, you might be interested in joining fashion editorial

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get When Studying Abroad?

Part time jobs will go a long way toward supplementing your income when you are studying abroad. The money you get can help to cover your cost of living, or pay for your leisure activities or travel holidays across the country. Many international students do take up some form of employment while studying abroad, and they have a lot of fun while doing so!

There are many part-time or vacation jobs that you can take up as a student. Before getting started, check your visa restrictions. You may not be permitted to work more than a certain number of hours in a week during your course session time. Whatever the work you choose, it will add to your life experiences and you can make new friends and get a taste of the local culture.

Overseas students often work as waiting and bar staff, baristas, mall aides, aged care workers, data entry or call centre personnel, or as language tutors. If you have any special skills like musical talent or a flair for art, you can teach others for a fee. Animal lovers can take pets for a walk in the park and get paid for doing so. Babysitting is also a popular

Why My Business Model Is Focused on Employee Compensation

As a graduate with a four-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design, my number one goal when graduating was to become a salaried designer. I knew that if I wanted to be fairly compensated for my work, I needed to know my self-worth without being entitled, and should be confident enough to negotiate my first paycheck. I was tired of working for a measly hourly wage (so I thought!) and I could not wait to enter adulthood with a consistent and steady income. I was in for a rude awakening.

With any type of legal matters, especially for an employer, there are ways to cut corners for fair compensation. It seemed that where hourly work could be cut to be held just under “full-time,” the opposite was true for salaried work. I was working my second full-time salaried position as a designer when I realized I was expected to get to work an hour early, and stay at least an hour past 5:00, the leaving time. This however was still not even the hours I was expected to work, as I would log 55-65 hour weeks, while compensation was a salary, based on 40 hours a week 8am-5am. That employer

6 Things to Consider When Becoming a Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist takes on the role of administering anesthesia in a variety of professions such as in the dentist’s office or the hospital emergency room. The basic process to become qualified includes completing the required training and passing the nurse anesthesia certification exam. Here are six things to help get started in this profession:

Formal training

The training and education starts with a registered nursing license (RN) and a bachelor’s in nursing (BSN). Many of the teaching programs depend on the applicant holding an RN and a BSN. There are several types of programs to help those at different stages of learning, including those intended for non nursing students to those with more experience and wishing to learn at an accelerated pace.

Gain experience

While enrolled in formal training, it also helps to get practical, hands-on experience. This is essential for the BSN or RN student and usually forms part of the criteria for the master’s program. It generally helps to have 12 months or more experience prior to entering the nurse anesthesia master’s course.

Expect long working hours

This job role is likely to involve long hours because of the need to start working with patients before the operation begins. They are involved with

What Valuable Career Has Yet To Be Established

In the career space it is becoming increasingly certain that the future of careers is increasingly uncertain. The headwinds of change are strengthening and what in traditional employment has looked stable is now looking unstable. There are a variety of economic and social shifts ushering in this climate of modification and adjustment, influenced largely by globalization, technology, and changing demographics with the trends looking irreversible. Given that significant change has a way of making people nervous and anxious it could seem that the future may be something to fear. But what if we were to reframe this phenomenon as an opportunity? It can be done.

Viewing undetermined career variations favorably begins with asking the question, “What valuable career(s) has/have yet to be established?” To begin answering the question let’s pass through the portal allowing us to view the world’s many challenges. There is certainly no shortage of problems in need of resolutions. The demands are countless and the need for bold, positive, and progressive actions, leading to widespread beneficial advances is urgent. So where do we begin? Following are my picks for top categories where future talent can best direct their energies-in ways about which we can only today dream.

Poverty: The

Job Searching Myths Debunked

People looking for jobs often have many mistaken ideas about job hunting. Generally, that’s due to superfluous knowledge about certain things. Job seekers come to know of half the things from different sources, mainly from word of mouth, and tend to assume the other half in a manner that suits them. All those things encourage people to develop myths about job hunting. Here, we’ll discuss about some such myths:

Myth 1: People think that they stand better chances of getting a job by registering with as many job search sites as possible.

That’s a wrong perception people have! Getting registered with all the possible sites doesn’t prompt employers to get in touch with you and offer you a job. You should also look for job opportunities in newspapers and business magazines. Most newspapers have a special section devoted to jobs, and many trade magazines too follow the same practice.

Myth 2: Employers are not really keen to employ people who have been changing jobs very frequently.

People who keep changing jobs frequently are considered to be unsure of them. It’s but natural for the employers to question a job seeker what prompted him to change job from one company to another. So, you should

The Importance of Your Job Searching Attitude

It’s quite rare to come across people who got their first job soon after having applied for it. Perhaps, as a teenager, you had a neighbor in business whom you asked for a job and he hired you, but these days job searches are not so simple or so quick to come by.

Getting hired needs continued efforts. Normally, it requires facing many interviews and getting rejected at times. In the process, you keep learning and are often required to modify and widen your approach many times.

Knowing the kind of job you are looking for and how to effectively search for such jobs helps reducing stress and enables you to continue with renewed efforts and a positive approach. There are many jobs available, and you have many options too. If you continue to be patient and diligent in your efforts, it’s not difficult to get an opportunity for the right job.

It should not be difficult for you to understand that the simpler it is to apply for a job, the more difficult it becomes for you to get noticeable. Look at it this way: you may choose to send hundreds of resumes to online job boards by merely clicking on the

Search Your Next Job Online and Offline

If you are looking for a job or considering a change of career, you need to find more than one way of finding job in today’s technology driven world that is going through an economic downtrend. You certainly need to maximize your chances of getting job by knowing more about the ways that present day jobseekers are employing for finding jobs. Simply put, you can no more depend upon just continuing with the ‘situation vacant’ ads.

Online Job Search Websites

If you go online, you’ll find a large variety of websites, all designed to help you find job listings. Many of those sites allow you to post your resume free of charge, but there are others which charge you for uploading your resume. The kind of site you may use for getting a job will most likely be decided by the field you are working in, and the level at which you want to work now.

How Are People Looking for Jobs?

It is estimated that, these days, ten percent of people find their next job through the Internet. The reasons for that could be that they scan job search websites of the kind of and, or they found an opening on

Top 10 Interview Tips for the Best Interview Experience

download (9)So you’ve mastered the resume! How wonderful and now you have an interview, even better! Congratulations! You’ve now made it to where everybody wants to go. If you’re getting ready for your next interview take a look at our Top 10 Interviewing Tips. I can’t guarantee your success at getting the job but it may help make you stand out in the crowd.

Basic Interview Tips

1. Be on time or early

It should be noted that this shouldn’t be on the list at all except Human Resource people tell me all the time that their candidates are late. Just remember it’s better to be early and wait for the hiring manager than be late and make them wait on you. If needed, make sure you’re there 15 minutes early.While I was in the service if you weren’t 15 minutes early you were already late. I have to admit that this has carried over to my career. I even show up early to telephone conference calls. I’ve worked for people who laugh as I’m hanging on to the phone waiting for the meeting to start!


You Can’t Over-Prepare for an Interview

A colleague and I were doing some interviewing of upcoming college graduates at a university campus. Most of them were very prepared, looked presentable, asked great questions, and seemingly did their research. There was one, though, who stood out from the rest, and not in a good way.

Out of the gates I knew this was going to be an interesting interview. He showed up ten minutes late for his interview time. He looked literally as if he had awakened ten minutes before the interview. He had on an old sweatshirt, jeans, and sandals and hadn’t bothered to brush his hair.

He hadn’t researched my company, didn’t understand what products we developed beyond our flagship product, and didn’t know what types of jobs we were looking to fill. The most amazing thing, though, was that he came in expecting me to sell him on the company versus him demonstrating why he was someone worth pursuing. My decision was made in the first minute of the interview. It was my easiest interview of the day.

If you want to work at an organization, the message is crystal clear; you have to put the effort in up front to impress them enough to want to